Saturday - March 5th
Treasure Lake Ski Lodge - DuBois, PA

Welcome to "The Avenue"

Based out of the DuBois, Pennsylvania area --- this dynamic group of local musicians decided to blend their individual talents along with their creative resources to form one of Western/Central Pennsylvania's hottest new and classic dance rock acts.

Originally established in 1996, the core of this group was formerly known as "Eclectic Radio" and even before that the entire line-up (as it is today) was called "Hard Time". After reuniting in April of 2010 the band continued under the name of Eclectic Radio until the departure of their keyboard player which left them with the five original members of Hard Time. Thus it was decided it was time for a name change and in 2011, the band became "The Avenue."

These veteran local musicians are constantly pushing and performing the playable limits of cover material. From the greatest progressive rock classics of the 70's, 80's, and 90's, to the newest and latest cutting edge sounds of today. Whatever your choice... you can be assured that "The Avenue" performs a favorite of yours.